The 2023 season runs from Victoria Day weekend, Friday, May 19, 2023 to Sunday, October 1, 2023.

Please note that all fees are due according to the following Payment Schedule.

2023 Site Fee Policy and Schedules dated October 20, 2022 and effective January 1, 2023 as approved at the Quinte Conservation Executive Board Meeting on October 20, 2022, MOTION QC 22-91:

Sites 1 to 13 $2,000

Sites 14 to 17 $1,500

Sites 18 to 44 $2,000

Sites 45 to 60 $1,500


If circumstances change and you do not wish to return to camp for the 2023 season, and you provide QUINTE CONSERVATION written notice of your decision by April 30, 2023, your reservation fees will be refunded. No such reservation fee refunds will be made if QUINTE CONSERVATION does not receive written notice by the seasonal camper by April 30, 2023.

Camping is an outdoor experience. Therefore, no refunds will be approved for discomforts of nature including rain, snow, temperature changes or insects.

Campers evicted from the campground for any circumstance are not eligible for a refund.


These rules, regulations and standards were developed to maintain a level of safety and consistency at Depot Lakes campgrounds and are based on QUINTE CONSERVATION’s O. Reg. 688/21. All Conservation Area users are responsible for knowing all the rules and regulations. Violation(s) may result in eviction without refund, a permanent ban and/or fine and the possibility of court action. QUINTE

CONSERVATION enforces a Zero Tolerance Policy. At the discretion of QUINTE CONSERVATION, permits may be revoked at any time without refund. Conservation Area staff are responsible for interpretation and enforcement of these rules, regulations, and standards.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Hours of Use

  • Closed to day visitors after 8pm.
  • Visitors to campers must leave the park by 10pm.
  • Quiet time is from 10pm to 9am.
  • Only inverted generators are allowed and may only be used between 9:00am-11:00am and 6:00pm8:00pm.
  • Children under the age of 16 years of age must be on their own campsite by 10pm unless accompanied by an adult.


  • Permit holders must be 19 years old and have proof of age.
  • No more than three pieces of equipment per site, only one of which a trailer or tent trailer.
  • No more than six persons, including the permit holder, are allowed on a designated campsite. Only permit holder and/or immediate family can occupy the site.
  • Campsites are designed for two vehicles per site. All other vehicles, including visitor’s vehicles, must be parked in the designated parking area.
  • Camping permits must be available on site or upon request from Quinte Conservation staff.
  • Campsites must be cleaned prior to checkout; seasonal campers are responsible for all garbage and recyclable material.
  • Fires are permitted in designated areas only and must be contained within the designated fire pit and supervised at all times.
  • Inform the park staff of any disturbances or emergencies.

Smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs

All of Quinte Conservation properties are smoke free areas except for designated campsites. Smoking

includes: inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying of lighted tobacco and e-cigarettes.

  • Alcohol and/or cannabis are only permitted on registered campsites. Intoxication or impairment in a public area is prohibited.
  • Alcohol and/or cannabis are not permitted in day-use or other public areas.
  • Substance abuse including illegal drugs is prohibited.

Swimming Areas

  • No glass, bottles or alcohol are allowed in the beach area.
  • No boats are allowed in swimming area.
  • Quinte Conservation is not responsible for child supervision anywhere in the Conservation Area, including beaches or trails.


  • All pets are to be on a leash not exceeding six feet and kept under control at all times.
  • There is a maximum of two pets per campsite; owners must pick up after their pets.
  • No pets are allowed in swimming or beach areas.

General Rules and Regulations

Quinte Conservation strictly enforces its Zero Tolerance Policy. Threatening behaviour by campers or their pets is unacceptable. No

profanity, excessive noise or other unsuitable behaviour is permitted at any time. No person shall willfully damage any public or private

property, buildings or other facilities.

  • The speed limit in all Conservation Areas is 15 km/hr.
  • This is a Conservation Area with a natural setting—please keep it natural (this includes no collecting, cutting, removing or destroying any plant, tree or other living object).
  • Quinte Conservation is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  • No vehicles are allowed without a valid licence plate, insurance and a Quinte Conservation permit. All drivers must have a valid driver’s licence. No off road vehicles allowed.
  • Gas powered golf carts are allowed with permission of the Supervisor and are subject to the following:
    • Golf cart drivers must have a valid driver’s licence;
    • Golf carts may only be operated on park roadways. Golf carts are prohibited from walking trails, fields and woodlots;
    • The number of occupants riding on a golf cart or scooter can not exceed the manufacturer’s designated seating capacity;
    • A person can not occupy a trailer or device being towed by a golf cart.

Seasonal camping standards

  • Sites must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • Trailers must be road worthy, licenced and tidy at all times.
  • Any firewood or uncut board (pallets, lumber, etc.) must be cut and stacked.
  • Large wood compounds are not allowed.
  • Any improvements to campsites (decks, patios, shed, trailer pads, tree plantings, sunrooms, etc) are subject to approval by the Conservation Area Supervisor before work begins.
  • Depot Lakes Campground only allows certain types of docks to be installed on seasonal sites. The types of docks that are allowed are removeable post docks or floating docks made with dock floats. Barrels are not approved floats for docks.
  • Portable decks no larger than 150 square feet are permitted.
  • Seasonal campers are responsible for grass cutting and must supply their own lawnmower and gasoline.
  • Gravel pads are allowed for trailers and vehicles. Crushed asphalt is not allowed.
  • No outdoor refrigerators allowed.
  • No form of appliance or household furniture is permitted outside of the trailer.
  • Permanent clotheslines must be higher than 6 feet.
  • Utility trailers must be stored in the visitor parking lot.
  • Black and grey water must be contained within the holding tank and disposed of at the proper facilities.

Seasonal campers must abide by and adhere to the rules, regulations and standards. Further, seasonal campers must recognize that the Conservation Area Supervisor and staff are responsible for interpretation and enforcement of these rules, regulations and standards.


The goal of the Zero Tolerance Policy is to identify primary Conservation Area enforcement concerns to establish basic procedures to respond to those concerns and to communicate the intent of the policy to Conservation Area users.

The objectives of this policy are:

  • To respond to violent and/or unacceptable behaviour with immediate consequences
  • To reject violence (verbal, visual or physical) against another person
  • To communicate with and educate visitors and campers to develop the skills necessary to handle violent, potentially violent and unacceptable situations
  • To develop and maintain a safe and welcoming Conservation Area environment
  • To communicate associated code of behaviour and enforcement protocols

Code of Behaviour

The Code of Behaviour applies to all campers and visitors. Conservation Area users who violate the code will be dealt with through consequences of the Zero Tolerance Policy, the Conservation Authorities Act, regulations made under the Act, and any other pertinent legislation applicable to the circumstance.

The Code of Behaviour identifies generally accepted expectations of behaviour in a public environment. The Code identifies the

following behaviour as unacceptable:

  • Violence or threats of violence;
  • Speeding above the posted 15 km/hr maximum;
  • Damage to property, vehicles and the natural environment;
  • Excessive noise;
  • Intoxication, impairment and/or substance abuse (illegal drugs)
  • Abuse, including neglect, comment or conduct that demeans, humiliates, embarrasses, intimidates, threatens or has an adverse effect on an individual(s);
  • Dangerous behaviour (i.e. lack of acceptable animal control, fires in unapproved locations)
  • Any other activity that compromises the goal and objectives of this policy, as identified at the discretion of the Conservation Area staff.

The Zero Tolerance Policy establishes clear and fair consequences for unacceptable behaviour.

Enforcement Protocols

After hand delivery or delivery by registered mail of one written warning by the Conservation Area Superintendent, should a seasonal camper continue to neglect an accepted standard of maintenance and care of their campsite, staff will perform the work required to bring the campsite up to standard at the rate of $70 per hour, per staff person. The seasonal camper will be responsible for timely compensation for works completed, as outlined on a Quinte Conservation invoice.

The Conservation Area Supervisor and management will exercise reason and fairness in the enforcement of seasonal camping  standards. The Conservation Area Supervisor has power of sole discretion to determine what personal property may be allowed or constructed on Quinte Conservation property.


A campsite will be deemed abandoned when a seasonal camper does not:

  • Remove all belongings by October 1, 2023,
  • or complete a seasonal camping permit application form and submit all required reservation fees by January
  • 31, 2023,
  • or complete all seasonal camping payments by April 30, 2023

By signing this application, the camper agrees to the removal of any accommodation unit and ancillary facilities / equipment occupying the campsite, by Quinte Conservation staff or their designate, when and if the campsite is termed abandoned as

outlined above.

The seasonal camper also agrees to compensate Quinte Conservation for costs, according to the same procedures outlined in Section 3 above (Rules, Regulations and Standards).


When the Seasonal Camping Permit Application and / or the Trailer Storage Permit Application, is completed and signed by the applicant and thereafter is approved and executed at the discretion of the Conservation Area Supervisor, the application(s) become agreement(s) in support of permit(s) to be issued under Quinte Conservation’s O. Reg. 688/21. The Seasonal Camping Permit and the Trailer Storage Permit is issued to the applicant and applies to a designated or assigned campsite.

A seasonal camper wishing to leave during the season or wishing to sell the trailer should contact the Conservation Area Supervisor for proper procedures. Campers should speak to the Conservation Area Supervisor before starting any transactions.

A seasonal camper CAN NOT sell, transfer, lease, sublet, or assign the campsite and the responsibilities, privileges, and obligations provided under an Application or Permit, in total or in part, to another person. A seasonal camper can not deny access to the campsite by Quinte Conservation or its designated representatives for the purposes of campground maintenance, operations, servicing, development, and security.

Quinte Conservation will not accept campsite assignments by seasonal campers.


Seasonal camper trailers must be licensed and insured.

The applicant hereby covenants with Quinte Conservation that insurance coverage for any type of damage to the trailer or appurtenances thereto at the assigned campsite is possessed by the said camper / trailer owner. Quinte Conservation will not be held responsible for any type of damage not caused directly by Conservation Authority staff or those providing services to Quinte Conservation on behalf of staff.


You must provide the license plate number for the vehicle(s) you are registering to your campsite. The entry fee for 2 vehicles per campsite is included within the seasonal camping fee. Additional vehicles (above the two vehicles permitted per campsite) must purchase an annual parking pass at the price of $60 and these vehicles will park in the public parking lot.

Vehicle License Plate numbers registered to your site help QUINTE CONSERVATION enforcement staff to monitor campground activity and to assist in identifying unauthorized use of your site by other campers or their visitors. The above listing does not apply to your campsite visitors.


Your signature in the application, as both owner of a trailer located within a campground facility owned and operated by Quinte Conservation and seasonal occupant for such trailer pursuant to a permit issued by Quinte Conservation, hereby acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1. That the individual agrees that, if Quinte Conservation becomes liable to pay taxes attributable to the determination that their trailer is a structure, Quinte Conservation shall issue an invoice to the undersigned in the amount of such taxes paid and the undersigned shall pay the amount of such invoice to Quinte Conservation within thirty days of the date of such invoice.
  2. Any claim, action, occurrence, accident, loss, damage, injury, cost, expense, fees, charges, fines, penalties or other amount that, directly or indirectly, is, or is alleged, to be caused by, contributed to or results or arises from (in whole or in part, regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any sequence and notwithstanding any continuous or repeated exposure to) covid-19 or other contagious, infectious or communicable disease, illnesses or viruses, or the fear or threat thereof.


When the Seasonal Camping Permit Application, is completed and signed by the applicant and thereafter is approved and executed at the discretion of the Conservation Area Supervisor, the application(s) become agreement(s) in support of permit(s) to be issued under Quinte Conservation’s O. Reg. 688/21.

For this application and any resulting permit issued by Quinte Conservation, “trailer” is defined as a mobile unit of occupation.

Signing the application indicates, THAT, you have read and agree to the conditions of my seasonal camper application to camp as a seasonal camper on lands owned and operated by Quinte Conservation, including those conditions and stipulations found within this application.

Signing also identifies, THAT, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Quinte Conservation for such camping privileges, and FURTHER THAT, you understand that I assume all responsibility for my campsite and the contents thereof, and for the actions of all persons you permit to enter or occupy my campsite, and FINALLY payment must be submitted for this application to be processed.

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